Saturday, November 21, 2009

Cancer Update

Update: November 21, 2009

I returned to school at the beginning of this school year, excited to be back and ready for a new start. It has been wonderful blessing!

I had a CT scan the middle of October and the lung cancer is still gone. For those of you who have never read of God's grace in my life, this was stage 4 lung cancer having already spread to my lymph system. And, as all of my doctors have proclaimed, it is a true miracle that this cancer disappeared, not just in remission but completely gone. (If you are interested you can read the complete story below).

I am so thankful to my Father in Heaven, that He died for me and believes I am worthy to stay here on earth and proclaim His righteousness and live my life for His glory. My only prayer is that I would do all that is His will for giving me more time in this earthly life.

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  1. That is just such a miracle! I'm so glad that you are cancer free. WONDERFUL! Thank you Lord. :)